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EXECUTIVESUMMARY: To comply with the requirements of Assembly Bill No.2040 and Assembly Bill 1234, the district prepares a yearly report of the annual compensation and expense reimbursements paid to each board member. This report is a summary of compensation and expense reimbursements for the fiscal year 2019.

For purposes of this report, compensation and reimbursements are broken down three  categories for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020. Following are the categories and the types of meetings or programs under each category:

  1. Regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings and other Special Board Meetings
  2. Board Committee meetings
  3. Liaison Assignments to Advisory Committees, Councils and Forums such as the Ross Valley Fire Department, Ross Valley Paramedic Authority, FIRESafe MARIN  and others.
  4. Conferences, Training and Memberships
  5. Treasurers Duties
  6. Other – Miscellaneous Expenses
 Rich Shortall Tom Finn Sharon Adams
 Board Meetings 450 450 450
 Committees  0 0 0
 Liaison Assignments1750  1300 300
 Conferences/Training 000
 Treasurer 600 0 0
 Miscellaneous 0 0
 TOTAL $2800 $1750 $750