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In case of a wildfire threat, it's important to be prepared and ready to evacuate. Part of that preparedness comes from knowing your evacuation routes, creating go-bags, and preparing your home and yard. 

The Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District has compiled a collection of plans and maps to help make all of that possible to making living with wild fire threats managable.

These plans and maps include:

  • Strategic Plan -- provides an opportunity to clarify the District's mission, vision and expectations in order to improve fire safety and emergency preparedness in our District (updated annually)
  • Wildfire Hazard & WUI Assessment -- SHFPD adopted our Wildfire Hazard and Wildland Urban Interface Area Assessment and Report ( develop timeline for implementation of various projects)
  • Wildfire Evacuation Plan -- Homeowners living in the wildland/urban interface need to be prepared to evacuate themselves, their pets, and their livestock in the event of a wildfire disaster (the trick . . . leave early)
  • Wildfire Evacuation Maps -- Familiarize yourself with Major routes out of Sleepy Hollow in case of an evacuation 
  • Emergency Preparedness For Animals -- Your pets depend on you for safe! Pets are not better off left at home if you evacuate—if it isn’t safe for you to be there, it’s not safe for them either
  • Wildfire Preparedness -- Fire Safe Marin provided custom information specific to Sleepy Hollow, outlining wildfire prepareness, Defensible Space, hardening a home, plants and landscaping, power line safety, and more!
  • Fire Code -- SHFPD in 2016 adopted the most stringent Fire and WUI Codes as recommended by the Fire Chief of Ross Valley Fire Department