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Plan Set

SHFPD Demonstration Garden Plan Set - PASS FINAL 10-19-23.pdf
Demonstration Garden Plans

October 19, 2023
Jan Blackford c/o Ann Baker Landscape Architecture

Project #: 2021-80; APN: 176-162-07; Service #: 21823

Landscape Plan Compliance Letter

Re: Sleepy Hollow Com. Ceneter Firewise Gard, San Anselmo

The landscape plans submitted to Marin Water for Ordinance 430 review have passed. It is the landscape architect’s or the owner’s agent’s responsibility to ensure that the installing contractor is supplied with a copy of Marin Water’s stamped and approved landscape plans prior to installation.

Upon completion of the project, the landscape architect or agent must submit the required Certificate of Completion form and irrigation audit results to the Water Conservation Department. A final inspection will then be scheduled to verify field compliance with the ordinance. A copy of the stamped landscape plans must be onsite during construction.

Any changes to the stamped approved landscape plans must be approved by Marin Water
prior to installation.

If you have questions, please call (415) 945-1497.